Achieve visibility, automation and scalability with smarter data protection & security

Integrity, Creativity & Compliance

Find the right solution our automated and smarter data protection platform

Achieve secure and smarter data protection with a unified set of robust controls  with our data protection and security solutions. This powerful platform offers actionable insights, real-time controls and automated compliance support through:

  • Data discovery map and classification
  • Vulnerability scans and risk assessments
  • Data activity monitoring and alerting
  • Encryption for security and access controls
  • Compliance, assessment reporting and auditing
  • Advanced data security analytics

The three pillars of smarter data protection and security


See with insight

Visualize and understand data risk map anywhere to take well-informed action


Scale with your innovation

Seamlessly adopt best of the breed technologies with new regulations to support secure and compliant business transformation


Automate for a purpose

Eliminate data security risk with less effort to help your team work smarter

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