Training and Professional Services

SG Portal is an Official partner with Web Learning Resources Pte Ltd. Web Learning Resources is a SSG appointed ATO for PDPA and other trainings.

SG Portal's expert security specialists come with decades of experience supporting data-driven initiatives at some of the largest organizations in the world. It’s what sets us apart.

What’s more, utilizing data-protection AI technology comes with the opportunity to capitalize on your company’s investment and increase the data-security and protection framework for you and your team.

Security and Data Protection for Every Needs

We Focus on Data Security and Protection & Business Success

We Future-Proof Against Evolving Cyber Threat against Data Breaches and Unleash Innovation

All of our service levels include


Standardise with Centralized administration and enforce policies, while reducing the complexity of implementing a data-privacy & protection strategies across the multiple systems.



We help organisations to meet compliance regulations including: PDPA, GDPR, CCPA among others.


Allows access with consent to sensitive data to better serve customers and employees, while preserving data privacy and protection.



Businesses are empowered to innovate, monetize, and share data with purpose & use. Data Portability Obligation outside of the enterprise, with AI Technology with privacy strategy that safeguards sensitive data.

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