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Products to operationalise Privacy, Security and Data Governance Programs.

Powered by DataGuidance™ Regulatory Research and the OneTrust Athena™ AI and Robotic Automation Engine

Transparency and Choice

  • Be transparent about online tracking and provide preference management for consumers to update consent over time
  • Capture consent for cookies, tracking technologies, and marketing communications on web forms and mobile apps
  • Centrally maintain and dynamically distribute visual, layered, icon-based policies and notices
  • Embed an branded portal for privacy rights (DSAR) requests through easy-to-use webforms and templates
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PDPA Journey with Program Management

  • Build a central map of where sensitive data is stored and how it is used by both the business and third party vendors
  • Streamline the fulfillment of privacy rights requests with automated data discovery and sensitive data redaction
  • Route Security incidents through an internal response plan with guidance on the laws in the affected jurisdiction
  • Report on and analyze the performance of privacy programs with visual dashboards and compliance status monitors

IT & Security Risk Management

Centralize insights across IT and Security operations to identify, evaluate, and treat risk based on your business objectives.

With our GRC helps organizations track and prioritize risk throughout their risk lifecycle.

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Connect Enterprise Data

Streamline data collection with first-line friendly assessments and enterprise system integrations to populate up-to-date risk profiles

Measure Risk

Evaluate risk based on a methodology of your choice and understand risk relationships across your business processes, controls and third-party relationships

Remediate Risk

Guide and execute risk treatment plans and perform control self-assessments along a collaborative and auditable workflow

control effectiveness
Remediate Risk

Ensure Control Effectiveness

Utilize continuous control monitoring and self-assessments to report on your risk posture and activity in near real-time

Report Risk in Context

Balance quantitative and qualitative risk insights to populate context-rich reporting aligned to business objectives

Products to Operationalize Privacy, Security, and Data Governance Programs

Powered by DataGuidance™ Regulatory Research

and the OneTrust Athena™ AI and Robotic Automation Engine

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Make Trust a Competitive Advantage

Transparency and trust with customers goes beyond consent and preference management. The most successful consent & preference management programs are integrated with the broader privacy, security, and data governance initiatives in an organization. Learn how we helps bring privacy, legal, and marketing teams together in a single platform for trust.

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