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Personal Data Protection and Privacy Compliance

Made Simple

Our Regit Solution is a consent-based data management platform that transform how business collect, maintain, and use customer data in a Personal Data Protection and Privacy Compliant way.

The Only Personal Data Protection Solution

Protect sensitive enterprise data at rest, in use and in motion with our best-in-class personal data protection and data governance capabilities.

Why Enterprises Need Personal Data Protection

Personal Data has become the most valuable asset of any enterprise. It’s being used to provide better service, improve outcomes, innovate new products, drive new revenue channels, and open doors to internal efficiencies.

Truly Secure Personal Data Protection that can be fully leveraged is the key to growth, agility and business innovation.

Standard security approaches are not enough, failing to protect information at the data level – down to every letter and number – and leaving companies exposed if a breach or unauthorized usage occurs.

With Personal Data Protection Solution, enterprises can be confident that their sensitive information is secure, enabling them to reach their full potential while maintaining privacy and compliance.

Unified Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Management

Our Regit Solution delivers automated policy lifecycle management, centrally controlled by a dashboard to define, audit, monitor and evolve data (2FA) security policies without business disruption or application modification.

Collect, Maintain, Use Customer Data In One Platform

We gives customers CONTROL of their information. We believe that only when customers have control of their information, can businesses have control of their business.

100% FREE for individuals. Business can choose from a number of plans to suit their requirements, including a free plan to get you started.

Automated Data Security Enforcement Policy

Our Regit solution enables the security principles of Least Privilege and Separation of Duties to be enforced by security policy, defined by role, system and context of use, ensuring only authorised users have access to the data.

Security & Confidentiality

We offers convenience without compromising on security. We built-in security includes:

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Encryption for data in-flight and at rest
  • Complex password and strong reset policy
  • Microsoft Azure for performance, compliance, and security
  • Private Login and IP Whitelist for those looking for added-security

The Brain behind our of PDPA Data Protection Solution

Our Regit Solution is the intuitive, comprehensive interface for centrally administering personal data protection and compliance.

Better Visibility

Control Access

Always-On Dependability

Secured Data Governance

Flexible Deployment

Encrypted Data

Utilize 2FA

See all enterprise sensitive data in a single view

Whitelist User Access Control

Pre-configured and built-in backup

Leverage dashboards and automated alerting of policy status and unauthorised of data usage

Works on Premise or Cloud

Data are AES Encrypted 128 Bits

Get stronger protection with two-factor authentication for users