What is the difference between Cyber Security and Cyber Protection?

Cyber protection is ­­the integration of data protection and cybersecurity. Safeguard your personal data with a secret weapon in the war on cyber extortion. Avoid cyber extortion of your encrypted essential business data with ransomware protection solutions.

Cyber Security versus Cyber Protection

Cyber security is the practice of defending your networks, systems and applications from cyber attacks or unknown threats.

Where cyber security and cyber protection differ is in their relationship to data. Cyber security does not focus on data protection itself, but rather on guarding the systems that make data access, storage, transfer, and authentication possible. If bypassed or disabled by unknown threats, cyber security solutions will not help much to aid you with restoring data and systems in a timely manner.

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Types of cyber security include and not limited to:

  • Network security: securing internal networks against unauthorized access, with tools like remote access management, privilege access management and two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Application security: preventing data and code in critical business software (both in use and in development) from being stolen such as with penetration testing and encryption
  • User education: through continuous training employees and  best practices for avoiding cyberthreats, such as malware and phishing attacks

Critical Areas for Cyber Security and Protection

Purpose of Penetration Test is to gain insights into the overall health of organisation application, network, and physical security layers. It will also evaluate the overall security of the IT infrastructure.

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) can block modern threats such as advanced malware, application-layer attacks and integrated intrusion prevention.

With Privileged Access Management, Organisation can manage all of the privileged accounts from a central location. Domain admin accounts, root accounts, super user accounts, and more, are the preferred targets for hackers these days.

Your personal and application databases are stored in SSD or Hard drives. It is important to protect your data with proven reliability, integrity and confidentiality. Backup data regularly for long term security and recovery.




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Today's Cyberthreat landscape

In the modern digital world, companies face a variety of cyber threats to data and digital operations.

These risks may be internal, caused by employees or contractors or external, caused by cybercriminals, nation-states, or even your own customers. They may be deliberate acts of espionage, disruption, or internal theft or accidental acts of negligence and human error. No matter the vector or motivation, cyberthreats can be absolutely devastating to any organizations today and ransomware & phishing attacks will remain high to compromise your valuable datas.

Data Breached due to failure to Protect
Human Error
Non compliance
Lack of Awareness Training

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