Effective Cyber Security Awareness Training

Activate your human firewall!

Our award-winning awareness platform offers your employees effective and engaging training on
cyber security and data protection, with a lasting impact.

Simulated phishing attacks

Our simulated attacks train users by means of fake phishing mails – every user is trained where they are most vulnerable.

Modular e-learning suite

Our e-learning modules (via LMS or web platform) tell a story, include practical instructions and a quiz.

Dashboard & support tools

All important KPIs are available at all times: differentiated and easy to communicate. And our phishing notification button for suspicious mails simplifies reporting.

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About the event

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Phishing Attacks

If users click on one of our simulated phishing mails or enter data into a fake login page, they will be taken to a learning page with user specific information. Our cyber security trainings are completely anonymous and spread over the year, so that users are continuously trained.

Now voice phishing simulations are also possible by phone.

E-Learning Integration

Depending on the package, our e-learning includes up to 20 entertaining modules as well as various awareness videos and is designed in a practical and interactive manner. Each module contains concrete recommendations for action and ends with a final quiz.

The content can optionally be adapted to your context and is also available as a SCORM file for your existing LMS including ongoing updates.

progress report

Generate Report

With our phishing report button for Office 365 or Outlook 2016, employees can easily and quickly report suspicious emails to the responsible person or entity. This strengthens the reporting culture in your company and relieves IT support.

The reporting plugin integrates seamlessly in your existing security structures and is compatible with popular secure mail gateways, SIEM and SOAR solutions.

Analytics Dashboard

You can use our Analytics Dashboard to view all important KPIs such as click or login rates at any time. You can also, for example, identify the most successful psychological tactics, analyze user feedback or create an ISO27001-compliant reporting.


More than 15 ready to go industry packages

The attack scenarios in our simulation are tailored to your industry.












For companies from other industries, we offer a general office package. We are also constantly adding new industries.

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