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Data Protection, Vulnerability Management and Automated Compliance Tools

Data Privacy & Protection

Operationalize the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA and hundreds more of the world’s privacy laws and frameworks.

Know your data through AI-powered data discovery technology to find IT systems and discover and classify the data within.

Know your laws with same-day support for regulatory updates from 40 in-house researchers and a network of 500+ contributors across 300 jurisdictions


Cyber Security Solution

Legacy remote access appliances often fail to deliver security functions such as IPS, NGFW, and SWG. Enterprises often end up deploying additional security point solutions to fill the gap, but that approach still doesn’t lead to truly holistic security and visibility. For example, point solutions are inherently optimized for securing a single location, making mobile and BYOD a challenge. Similarly, many cloud platforms require separate security solutions that reduce network visibility.

Competency & Awareness Training

On-site training conducted by data protection experts. Increasing data protection awareness within staff.

One day or 3 days PDPA training plus hands-on Training in Partnership with Web Learning Resources SSG Approved Training Provider.



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Data Privacy and Compliance

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIAs) are essential in helping privacy professionals identify and guide the use of personal information across the organization.

According to the Personal Data Protection Act Regulation (PDPA), data privacy must be considered in the initial design stage of a project, and organizations are responsible for putting in place the appropriate policies, procedures and systems to enable this ‘privacy by design’ approach. Our automated software are designed to increase organization-wide adoption through role-based templates and self-service tools that are integrated into project lifecycles and are consolidated into a central dashboard for a complete record of data protection activities.

DPO As s Service

The DPO functions that we will handle for you are as below:

  • Ensure compliance of PDPA when developing and implementing policies and processes for handling personal data
  • Foster a data protection culture among employees and communicate personal data protection policies to stakeholder
  • Manage personal data protection related queries and complaints
  • Alert management to any risks that might arise with regard to personal data
  • Liaise with the PDPC on data protection matters, if necessary

Cyber Security and Protection

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and increasingly complex, and most companies don’t have the cyber security tools and capacity in-house to keep security measures up-to-date. Because it’s easier than ever for hackers to initiate an attack, organizations now experience increased risk and higher levels of uncertainty. Subsequently, breaches and successful attacks can cost companies millions — not to mention the harm to your brand’s reputation.

We have Penetration/Vulnerability Scan, end to end protection and Managed Cyber Security as a Service to meet your requirement.

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